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Infrared Breast Health and the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program teaching module for women and providers is dedicated to providing information on ways to decrease your risk of developing breast cancer by using the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program and early risk assessment thermal evaluations using breast thermography. Mainstream medicine has been focusing their funding and efforts on finding "The Cure". As of 2003 the statistics were one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. In the next ten years they anticipate the rates to be as high as one in five women being affected. This statistic is up from 1 in 14 in 1960 this shows a doubling to tripling in the past 40 years. Recovery and survival rates have not improved significantly in the past 40 years from the rates of women who had a simple mastectomy in the 1950's. Current research has shown that the key to breast cancer survival rests upon its earliest possible detection. If discovered in its earliest stages, 95% cure rates are possible. Our center provides one of the most essential tests in breast cancer risk assessment and early detection of physiological changes occurring in breast tissue using Infrared Thermography. When used adjunctively, thermography devices are considered Class 1 devices. More than 15 years ago, FDA evaluation of thermography devices determined that the thermography does not detect nor provide diagnoses of any conditions; rather, it is a method to detect skin surface temperature changes and should not be used alone as a diagnostic screening procedure. Thermography may detect early metabolic and thermal changes and if left untreated may present as disease in the future.

If early thermal features are detected, along with other positive tests, our protocol, which we have been using, has been reversing these test results in a 6-12 month period in some of the women. We call this the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program and it will be available soon nationally as a 5 CD set. Please see the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program section for more details. The Proactive Breast WellnessTM program empowers women to make nutritional, lifestyle and environmental changes that will impact their health and the health of their families.

" Every year when Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) comes around I am a saddened and surprised that thermography hasn't become more popular. Part of this is my mindset. I'd rather focus on breast health and ways to prevent breast cancer at the cellular level than put the emphasis on testing and retesting until you finally do find something to poke, prod, cut out or radiate. That's why I call October Breast Health Awareness Month, not Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I understand that mammography has been the gold standard for years. Doctors are the most familiar with this test, and many believe that a mammogram is the best test for detecting breast cancer early. But it's not. Studies show that a thermogram identifies precancerous or cancerous cells earlier, and produces unambiguous results, which cuts down on additional testing--and it doesn't hurt the body. Isn't this what women really want?"

Christiane Northrup, MD : Visionary Pioneer and Women's Health and Wellness Expert

Infrared Breast Thermography
is 100% safe
no radiation
our camera is FDA Approved
is completely painless
detects inflammation years before mammograms

Infrared Thermography Benefits :
If the following applies to you, a scan or the Proactive Breast
WellnessTM program is recommended:

Heart Cancer Survivor
Nursing / Pregnant
High Risk Lifestyle
Synthetic hormone use
Dense, large breasts
Fibrocystic Small Breasts
Prevention conscious
Toxic Exposure/Pesticides
Positive Family History
Breast Implants/Reduction

Thermography Scans - Before & After
Scans Shown Before and After Reveal Big Changes.
Women using the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program which includes Bio-Identical Hormone balancing with diet/lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements, produced noticeable results in four to six months. View before & after images.

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