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Inflammatory Changes Reversed in 4-12 months

Initial Scan Grade 3 ( upper half of image) shows asymmetrical heat patterns in the left outer quadrant of the left breast, being more than 2 degrees warmer  than the cooler right side shown in green.
The follow up scan 4 months later  (lower half of image) has reverted back to a Grade 1 Normal Scan after following the Proactive Breast WellnessTM program which includes an Anti-Estrogenic/Alkaline Based Diet, Nutritional Supplements which decrease estrogen dominance, Lifestyle Changes and Hormone Balancing and use of Bio-Identical Progesterone topically.

Infrared scans have the potential to pick up inflammatory changes in the breast months to possibly 3-6 years prior to lump formation while there is still time for women to balance their hormones, make dietary and lifestyle changes.  These changes may possibly alter the inflammatory process from progressing to breast disease. Most breast cancers take 10-12 years to grow to a size that the lump may be felt. Since all breast cancer is an inflammatory process, Infrared is able to detect subtle changes in heat patterns early which makes it the best risk assessment screening tool for breast cancer that medicine has available at the moment. Infrared is an adjunctive approach for monitoring physiology and functional changes in the tissues where mammograms and ultrasounds are looking at structural changes and masses in the tissue. Infrared may be used alongside the other current diagnostic tools to target and follow fast growing cancers or for safely following cancer survivors. Recent state of the art  technological advances in the software and camera systems during the past four years have greatly improved the data from this mode of physiological testing. The camera being used at the office of Infrared Breast Health allows you to see temperature variations as small as 0.08 degrees Celsius with real time image acquisitions.

According to an article in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology (2002) that studied 58,000 women, who had an abnormal grade TH3 asymmetrical image of their breasts (ie 1,245 women), but had normal physical exams, mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsy. Of these women, 44% were diagnosed with breast cancer within five years! Ninety percent of patients with a TH4 or TH5 had a diagnosis of cancer made on their first visit.

Another Article from The American Journal of Surgery, October 2008, did a study at Cornell Medical School with the same camera our center uses. They found infrared to have a 97% sensitivity and identified 58 of the 60 cancers.
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